Candy Crush Saga Level 3474 Tips and video

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 3474 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
You have to clear the blockers and collect bombs to complete level 3474 Candy Crush Saga.
The hardest part of this level is clearing the bombs before they count down to zero as they are protected by the candy cane fences. As long as you can clear the first lot of bombs you should be able to collect all the orders without too much trouble.
Look for combos and especially colourbombs to use to clear the bombs and blockers, or stripes and wraps.
Wrapped candies are always useful for clearing the blockers behind the candy canes and if you can switch two together better still.
The video was completed in 16 moves so if the moves are reduced in the future it should still be helpful.
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If the level you play is different from the one here it is because the developers have changed it since I played and I have no control over this. Please let me know in the comments and I will try to change it.


Bear with me said...

This may sound weird but if you get in a situation where you have several bombs ready or almost ready to go off (I had 2 with a 1 count and 2 with a 2 count), rather than waste hammers or switches, I let the bomb go off, paid the penalty and with the extra 5 counts on all the bombs, was able to finish the level.

Never pay a cent Bobby said...

Some of us do not pay to play ever.

Pjay said...

You can win gold coins by collecting sugar drops so it's possible to pay the penalty without ever paying to play.

Anonymous said...

The checked candy booster was extremely helpful, as it kept me from having to get the difficult blockers in the upper right corner.

Anna said...

Started with a CB wrap combo and was able to make a couple more CB during the game to finish it off.

Kevin said...

5 tries no boosters. Not as hard as it looks if you can get some cascades going.

Anonymous said...

So it took cookie to do it in 16 moves so king decided to lower it to 12 moves so basically we got no chance sort it out