Candy Crush Saga Level 3477 Tips and video

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 3477 Candy Crush Saga  by Cookie
This is very simple, use whatever boosters you have, especially a lucky candy booster, although this will only help a little.
At the time of writing level 3477 is not possible to pass without using boosters and even with boosters it is still hard as the licorice drops down instead of the lucky candies that you need.
The only way to get lucky candies to drop from the dispensers is to clear licorice from inside the candy cane fences. This is not impossible but there are just not enough moves to get the lucky candies, change them into red and yellow candies and finally collect them.
There is no video that I will post here as the only ones use more boosters than most players have or want to use.
The best thing to do is go back and play for sugar drops for a while and wait for the level to be made passable.


Anonymous said...

Started with space dash, all three boosters, and two sprinkles together. The check booster helped the most. With luck and SLOW moves, made it the first try.

Carol the elder said...

Also started with space dash and all three boosters. It took two tries and did it on the second try by looking for every chance to make CB/stripe combos. I also had two wraps together when needed and got a three lucky candy match of all yellows. Reds were more scarce than yellows.

TNC said...

Got on first try with space dash and all 3 boosters. Started with CB stripe. Worked toward bottom and got cascades. Needed a hand switch to get two wraps together. Barb

Anonymous said...

Going to try the hints and thanks. Please send me some luck!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for tips - got it first try with space dash and the check.