Candy Crush Saga Level 3535 Tips and video

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 3535 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
You have to score at least 150,000 points to complete level 3535 Candy Crush Saga. At the moment there are 22 moves and this is only enough to get the score if you can release the bombs from the dispensers along the middle of the board. The bombs will give you the score you need even if you don't switch them with a colourbomb as long as you clear as many as possible.
Obviously you will score much better if you can manage to make a colourbomb and use it to clear the bombs.
You will get some stripes and wraps dropping from the dispensers along the top and you can switch these together to help clear blockers and bombs.

3 star video by Cookie
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If the level you play is different from the one here it is because the developers have changed it since I played and I have no control over this. Please let me know in the comments and I will try to change it.


Rick said...

You don't need a CB combo to pass this. Clear the blockers below the bomb dispensers so that the bombs will drop. Clearing the bombs will give you much bigger score. Just be wary of the bombs because you have to go through the 20 or 23 moves to complete this. So, even if you have over 175,000 points, the game goes on. The fish will clear the bomb with the lowest number of moves.

Anonymous said...

This may be a silly question, but what fish?
On mobile there is the usual sprinkle and stripewrap booster prestart, and can't see any lucky candy dispensers on board.

anonymous37 said...

I tried with SD, two sprinkles together, but I missed a bomb and it got me...could have done without the extra moves. Next time I started with two sprinkles (not combined). One was from winning a free sprinkle for an hour and the other was from watching the little video. Anyway, I found that unblocking one side on the bottom worked better for me till I knew the bombs wouldn't count down before my moves were up. Then I opened up the other side more and ended up with almost 600,000 points.

Jax said...

Very easy, no boosters, first time, just get the bombs out and it plays itself.
This may be a silly question, but how do get to this level and not know what fish are?