Candy Crush Saga Waffles

Waffles were first introduced at level 476 as a test, but have now been added to many levels higher in the game. Waffles look similar to normal cream blockers and can be single layered or multi layered.
The single layer is golden brown and the layers on top are either white or brown.
Waffles behave in the same way as the normal cream blockers, each time you make a match beside them they lose one layer until they vanish completely.
The difference between cream blockers and waffles is that the waffles can move, if you make a match below them on the board they will drop down to fill the gap, also you can switch the waffles with a candy same as you can with licorice.
It is said that waffles can be eaten by chocolate but I haven't seen this happen yet so can't confirm it definitely.
The image below shows waffles with one, two and three layers, the four layer waffle has another brown layer on top of the white and the final 5th layer is pink.

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