Bring down ingredients.

On some levels of Candy Crush Saga you need to get ingredients down the playing area and out of an exit, usually at the bottom.
Here in the picture you can see cherries at the top,l which have to be moved down to the bottom and out of the exits.
This example is fairly simple.

The main thing to remember on these levels is to concentrate on getting the ingredients to the exit holes, sometimes at the expense of making special candies.
As you progress in the game the boards get more complicated and sometimes several seemingly unrelated moves have to be made to get the ingredients down and off the board.

Here is level 81 Candy Crush Saga.

If you look in the pink area on the left you will see there are 3 cherries to be brought down.
Sometimes you will see nuts also, it depends on the level.
But first you have to remove the licorice whorls and unlock the locked candies to get the cherries to the exits at the bottom.
Make specials if you can to begin with, which will help to remove the obstacles, then concentrate on getting the ingredients down.
Once you get the first one off the board the next one, with luck, will drop down after your next move, so try to make your next move in an easy place, ie. the middle of the board, or away from any other obstacles.



  1. well I am having similar problem on lv. 325. The ingredients come out of a buble gum machine at the top. is there a way to make them come out at faster intervals?

    1. I am having the same problem Patty, I am new to the bubble gum machines and have no Idea how to make them dispense the items. Im having a great deal of difficulty finding information on them. Any help would be appreciated.

    2. Another stuck on 325, googling for answers. The you tube videos that show people winning, the cherries and nuts seem to magically appear at the end of the game with a few moves left

    3. I'm on 361. Unfortunately when you get into the 300's the game itself decides whether you continue, not you. The cherries & nuts are 'random' so in many levels they just don't come out. Even if, in my own experience, you've wiped out the board repeatedly.

    4. I am also stuck on 361...frustrating!!! my ingredients get stuck on top of the chocolate factories and I can't figure out how to move them. I wish there was a tutorial on how to move them once they're stuck...

  2. sometimes the ingredient is already at the bottom but it will not disappear, what's going on?

  3. I get the cherries and nuts to go down and disappear but it never takes the count away on top. WHY?

  4. You never never have to spend money to get all of the lives you need on this game...just go to your settings of whatever device you're playing on and set the time ahead 3 hours and you get a full five lives each time. When you go through a 24hour time span go to date and set it ahead 1 day and just repeat the cycle over and over until you're done playing. When you're done just reset to the correct time and date. I've been playing fir weeks as much as I want in one sitting and haven't spent a dime. When you go back to play each time you will have to set the the time and date back to where you were when you last played. Have fun!

  5. Listen up folks. The game is free. You expect the charms to be also!? The people that design the games need to pay their bills just like you do.


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