Candy Crush Saga Level 705

Tips for level 705 Candy Crush Saga
Level 705 is another orders level. You have 60 moves to collect 5 colour bombs, 10 wraps and 15 stripes.
The main playing area is surrounded by a conveyor, separated from the main part of the board by a space, so the only way to match on the conveyor is if the candies are side by side.
There are 4 bombs on the conveyor at the start of the game with a countdown of 15 moves.
Obviously you must not ignore the bombs, but you should be able to destroy them with your orders as you make them, but look out for matches to include the bombs too, to give you peace of mind.
Once the original bombs are gone more will fall, but they are not usually a problem.
Concentrate on what you find the most difficult, for most this will be the wraps, and you will find the stripes will take care of themselves. Don't forget to keep an eye on colour bomb patterns though or you may find yourself coming up short on those.
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  1. Not as hard as it looked. Got it on the third try. Janine Marie

  2. I got the jackpot on the wheel for the first time while trying to do this level.

  3. Wow! Congrats, anonymous October 30!!! You are the first player I know that got the Jackpot!!!

  4. My husband got the jackpot too. As it was spinning he said "I'm determined to get the jackpot one before I die!" Then it landed on the jackpot. Very funny !

  5. First attempt looks very difficult but combinations available.

  6. I had a Jackpot when the wheel first started so I thought they would come along regularly - I was wrong!

  7. JanC here. Third try, three stars, no boosters (because I used them up :P reaching this level)... I found this to be a fun level, and relatively easy.

  8. But how about when you get all the orders but not enough POINTS??? #Facepalm

  9. First try for a choc bomb next to a stripe to knock out the bombs. Then go for wraps, while keeping an eye on the bombs and setting them off when they get low. The choc bombs made getting wraps easy. Also, I hit the jackpot once. Luck to all.

  10. I got the jackpot once several months ago and haven't come close since. Also I have completed levels and not reach the required points so have to do it again. I figure if you completed it, you should advance no matter how many points you obtained. Obviously doesn't agree with that.

  11. I guess I got a lucky board, not bragging, but got it on first try. So many combos and color ball, detonated all the timed bombs. After reaching the goal, I still had 32 moves left, so that racked up the points.


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