Candy Crush Saga level 842

Tips for level 842 Candy Crush Saga
You have to make 10 colour bombs in 35 moves to clear level 842.
There are already 5 colour bombs on the board at the start of the level, plus two lucky candy boosters which should also turn into colour bombs.
Start looking for colour bomb patterns right from the start and be very careful not to let the chocolate eat your existing ones. Unlock them by using a vertical stripe so you destroy the chocolate at the same time.
Don't switch a colour bomb with a stripe, as this will mess up the board and make it more difficult to make more colour bombs. As soon as you have one switch it with a single candy and look for the next one.
For the best scores make extra colour bombs at the end so they are left over when you switch your final one, they will give you a good bonus score at the end.
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  1. I went against the advice and made a colour bomb strip combo, took out the chocolate and opened the board , worked well. Regards AJ

  2. I could have done this level with my eyes closed. Have fun my fellow candy crushers!!

  3. It wasn't so much fun after I lost about 25 lives. Lol. It shouldn't have been so hard but I just couldn't win until I mixed my first chocoball with wrapped one which gave me an extra choco. Then after that wrapped candies, I had such hard time making near chocoballs in previous 20 some times, kept showing up right by chocos. Go figure. Lucky board? Sure wasn't my skill this time. Haha.
    iPhone/No Booster/2 Stars

  4. 1st try finished. No strategy really. Made a few that cam easy and unlocked the rest. 8 moves to spares....

  5. JanC here. Two stars, second try, no boosters needed. Easy.

  6. Took five attempts needed one bomb each time, enjoyable.

  7. Laney here. Too funny. Played while watching TV. Toward the end of first try, I noticed the object was to make sprinkle balls. Moves left.

  8. Gotta go with the crowd...Found it Easy..1'st try..2 stars...Loads of fun...Before Every move look for a possible bomb pattern on board & go for it.Just keep blowing up whats there & opening up space for cascades & again focus each move to see if any new bomb cab be made...get to bottom as well so not to lose any bomb to chocolate..Fun Level & enjoyed it..Good Luck

  9. Another fun level. Thank you King for a break from the frustrating levels of the previous episode. 2 stars, no boosters after several tries.

  10. JSN: Things started of slowly on my first try, and I didn't think I had a chance. But I finished with three stars. The advice not to combine a candy ball with a striped candy when you're trying to collect candy balls is one I've (and I'm guessing most everyone who has made it this far) been following for ages. Every time I used one candy ball, another one formed from the carnage.


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