Candy Crush Saga Level 1299

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 1299 Candy Crush Saga by Allina Rumfelt
 You have to pop all the mystery candies to get your yellows.  Try to get the center mystery candy as soon as possible so the bottom can fill up and you can make combos on both sides of the brick wall.   
If you can get a couple stripe/wrap combos to hit the same 2 popcorns till they pop, you can get a double chocolate bomb blast that will hit the mystery candies and hit the remaining popcorns and hopefully give you a couple more chocolate bombs.  
If you can get 2 double chocolate bomb blasts, the second one will hit all the yellows and your done.  If you're good at making your own chocolate bombs you can make your own double chocolate bomb blasts and not rely so much on the popcorn - I got my 3rd star that way.   
If you have to use your chocolate bombs individually, try to pair it up with a stripe and that should knock  it out.  
If you get one or two yellows and no more chocolate bombs left on the board - you have to hit them with a stripe or striped/wrapped combo.  
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  1. Two chocolate sprinkles definitely the way to go. Finished with 33 moves left and three stars.

  2. Hi all. Took a few tries, but passed without any side-by-side choc balls, just one choc ball/stripe and a few stripe/wraps.

  3. Took me quite a few tries. Finally managed to get 2 colour bombs together. This seemed to do the trick. Also exploded a few wraps which also helped to pop the popcorn. Good luck everyone!

  4. I didn't have to pop all the popcorn because a I used a tick candy which worked! I was so busy looking at the board for good combos that It was a surprise when 'Sugar Crush' appeared!

    If you are having trouble with this level, that is the easy way to go.

  5. I cleared the level twice and still needed one more yellow...which did not exist!!!

  6. I have the same problem as Don Gurian. Cleared everything but I am missing one yellow and it's nowhere on the board?? Feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone

  7. Hi all.

    Another simple one. Got 2 sprinkly bombs together and that cleared all the yellow.


  8. Two chocolate bombs together made all the yellow candy. First attempt.

  9. c/candycrush here
    Not hard but quite fun.
    Wraps-if you get any, even if you can't pair them with a stripe, try to detonate them near the popcorn.
    If you can get 2 popcorn to pop next to each other for 2 colour balls, you've got it almost made. That should pop a couple more for another double colour ball combo & you can finish early.


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