Candy Crush Saga Level 1524

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 1524 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Allina Rumfelt.
The first priority should be those 2 eight count bombs.  Match the one on the bottom first and hopefully a cascade drop will hit the top one.  
Next go for the two striped candies under marmalade on the right.  The conveyor belts seemed to be very helpful on this level and I consistently passed it with little effort several times.  Plus got lots of sugar drops.  Biggest obstacle  was the first two bombs.
Video below
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Bill. said...

First attempt. Get the bombs then combinations to clear the top and bottom jelly.

Robert Blythe said...

Takes literally a lucky board. Had to play several times and most of the time the bomb went off. I love how they don't consider this a "hard" level. It is because even if you are lucky enough to get the bombs, you don't have too many moves left to clear the board, especially with the leftmost jelly and the two on the right top and bottom. Not brutal, but hard nonetheless.

dancinggirl said...

Tried what felt like a million times then finally read this and passed the next time. Why did I wait so long?

Ann said...

I do not see how it is possible to get the bombs in time. just wait for my lucky board, I guess

Anonymous said...

What happens to my mail on a PC? If I play 5 lives and do not accept my mail which I cannot use yet. Why do they go away? I have lost so many lives because of this!!!

Anonymous said...

Not waiting for a "lucky board." Tried it on PC 5 times no go. Play mostly on mobile and made my own "lucky board." Used full complement of boosters. Reset until color bomb sat next to wrap and there where enough jellies of the same color. Swiped together and voila open board - made combos to get the top left and bottom right. The fish did their job on the top right. Done, next.