Candy Crush Saga Level 1725

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 1725 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
You have 25 moves to clear the jelly from the whole board.
This might seem like a tall order, but in reality once you clear some of the cream blockers the board almost clears itself. There are only four colours so making colour bombs and other special candies is easy. Make a couple of colour bombs and sit back and watch the cascades. A fun level that shouldn't give you any trouble.
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Anonymous said...

Nice to have an easy one after the last few!

Anonymous said...

"Shouldn't give you any trouble"!


How is this level not marked as hard? It is WAY WAY harder than some of the levels that have been "hard" recently!

There are just not enough moves to get rid of everything, cascades or not, and the closest I've come is having 5 or 6 jellies left - alwaya in the corners, and I've been playing this for days.

This could be the end for me.

Why is it King are getting so mean with he number of moves, and why ae they making these levels so difficult?

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with the above comment!
How can you say this is an easy level??

Anonymous said...

A fun level. Drew a blank the first couple of plays, then tried with a fish and passed on the fourth attempt.

Lil_NZ said...

Erm, two quick tries so far. One move, shuffle..... shuffle.... game over - both times. Hmmmmm

Lil_NZ said...

And.... next try? boom with 1.7m points. Go figure!

laura said...

1st more possible switches...really?

Anonymous said...

Good fish level. If you can match a fish with a wrap it helps (but not as much as a color bomb / wrap would) 4th try, three stars, no moves left.

Rob in Banner Elk, NC

Anonymous said...

I play on iPad. I've passed this twice and screen freezes at end... Will not let me pass!!! So frustrating!!! Definite glitch with this level. And it's not so easy as everyone here says. WTF.

Krusher said...

At last a nice relaxing level. Failed my first 2 times with just 1 candy remaining. But won't mind playing this level - and I'll pass it very soon!

Anonymous said...

A pleasure after the nightmare of the previous level. Third attempt, no boosters, and 3 stars with a score of 950k.