Candy Crush Saga Level 1873

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 1873 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
All you have to do to pass level 1873 is clear all the blockers.
There are not many moves to begin with so you need to open up the board to make some combos.
Clear as many of the blockers as you can before you use the UFO and it will clear the hard to get ones for you.
A fairly easy level to complete once you get started.
Video below
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richard e G said...

King/Google had a great run with CC but Nintendo's Pokemon Go the only game kids and kids at heart are playing everywhere in the world. CC will fade into the sunset, I suspect, in a year's time... great run CC!

Anonymous said...

I don't know. I'm on level 1609 right now, but wanted to see how many levels there are. And as for Pokémon Go supplanting Candy Crush, I don't have to worry about wandering into traffic or walking off a cliff playing CC.

Surup said...

Two moves and more switches and the game ended. Grrr!

Anonymous said...

The glitch is back. Shuffle, no matches, life lost before you even begin or you get one or two moves and game over, no matches.

And said...

Fixed with booster wrap/stripe.
reset until they are aligned over the ufo.
Claro in my case.

Anonymous said...

Great advice Aug. 4 at 12:01!

Valerie Cagle said...

My level is starting with only 20 moves, not 30!!!! On PC

Valerie Cagle said...

My PC for this level only had 20 moves, not the 30 showing here. I still managed to pass it last night. CC has gotten to be a game of LUCK vs a game of gamer's skill, plus adding glitches along the way. TY for this blog.