Candy Crush Saga Level 1907

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 1907 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
Level 1907 is a dual task level, you need to collect 3 cherries as well as clear all the jelly.
If you are lucky you will get a couple of matches as soon as the game opens to give you a start, but this doesn't always happen, so try to clear as many blockers as you can with the first couple of moves.
Once the board is opened up a bit look for wrapped candies which can be detonated close to the popcorns to grow them, or they can be switched with a stripe or colour bomb with the same result.
The cherries are not a problem, they will drop down out of the exits as you clear the blockers so you can forget about them and just concentrate on clearing the popcorns, which is the hardest part of level 1907.
Switching 2 colour bombs together is a good combo as it will hit the popcorns as well as clear jelly and blockers, although it won't give you huge scores if you are chasing stars.
The mystery candies can be helpful, or not, depending on luck as they could be bad things like chocolate and bombs as well as goodies like colour bombs etc.
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  1. The main problem on this level is to clear the jellies underneath the popcorns, which are part of the order. I started with a color bomb and a striped/wrapped booster and reset until the color bomb and wrapped candy are close to each other. I switched them when there is candy of the same color as the wrapped near most of the popcorns. The wrapped candies' explosions cleared most of the board and turned some popcorns into color bombs. Given only 18 moves on the iPad, I passed it with 8 moves to spare.

  2. Only 18 moves on my two Android devices not 24 as in video.

  3. Won the game and the darn thing froze. Had to reset and of course lost any boosters I used plus the life. Sometimes I HATE candy crush. I'd love to play one level without glitches. Is that too much to ask?

  4. I tried over 25 times on my phone to color bomb and wrap together with no luck so stopped wasting time. Went to my PC - got a coconut wheel from a mystery and a color bomb right near a wrap and was home free in no time as color bombs dropped

  5. fun level. took a few tries but once things start exploding...kaboom

  6. Failed several tries on my phone (even with sprinkle and fish boosters - fish didn't eat jelly under popcorn.) Got it first attempt on PC, using sprinkle, fish, and coconut wheel.

  7. I wish would explain to me why the fish won't get the jelly under the popcorn. It is unfair and a waste of a booster.

  8. I inputted color bomb, sprinkle/wrap and fish boosters. For longest time, the color bomb was far away from the stripe/wrap. Finally, the color bomb was one candy away from the wrap so I used the switch to put them together and got 13 wraps! Finished this one easily after that.

  9. 18 moves on iPad instead of 24 on video.

  10. Hard, and no fun:(

  11. I've complained about some levels on this marvelous site (thank you, Ms. Cookie), and in the interest of giving kudos where due, I have to say that I thought this level was a hoot.

    Took me about seven tries, but all of them were highly entertaining. No boosters, one star, but loads of fun.


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