Candy Crush Saga Level 2316 tips and video

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 2316 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
You have to collect the three ingredients, which will travel down the columns they are in to the exits.
There are a lot of moves at the time of writing, which makes this a fairly easy level but that could change at a later date, so my apologies if I have more moves than you!
Although you won't need to clear all the blockers on the right to collect the ingredients, you will have to clear the bombs before they count down.
Sideways stripes and stripe/wrap combos will clear some of the blockers and unlock the bombs, as will colourbombs. 
You will get lots of mystery candies dropping from the dispenser at the top left, so match these as much as possible to get the specials and combos you need.
The fish don't really help a lot as there is no jelly, so they can go anywhere, but they have to be cleared to get the nut down that column.
The two nuts on the right will drop down through the portals if there is a space for them, this is why you don't have to clear all the blockers to collect them.
Work at the bottom of the board as much as possible to create cascades and get the mystery candies falling.
This is a fairly easy level at present, but if they reduce the number of moves it can still be done. I have completed it in less than 20 moves, although not in the following video.
Video below
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  1. Used a coconut wheel and 2 lollipop hammers at the end to pass this level.

  2. Is no-one else having problems passing this level? Two days and counting...

  3. Does anyone else get fish that will eat regular candy on the left side of the screen, while there is plenty of chocolate, licorice and blockers on the right side? That seems a little like the game is cheating to me...

    1. Getting the same problem, driving me nuts!

  4. And look at that, not 3 minutes after I posted, 2 tries later, I'm done (somehow!) with 33 moves left...) LUCKY BOARD!

  5. Had an issue of the fruit moving to the side so I had to use 2 hand switches to get them back in the middle again. I also used a coconut wheel and it did come in handy. Used it at the bottom to move the fruit down. Finished with 30 moves left. Good luck everyone! And yes my fish ate regular candy too, rather than the chocolate!

  6. Just finished this whole episode in an hour on iPad with the magic helmet but came back to let you guys know that there are no timed levels. Good luck.

  7. The most incredibly easy game ever. I reset a couple of times until the magic helmet was on top of the coconut wheel. Boom! One switch and it was all over! Love that magic helmet!

  8. About the fish, they don't eat anything other than jelly!! Sometimes it might look like they are eating something else but only when there's jelly under it that we can't see.

  9. Finally achieved this level after many many tries and I found that it was better to try to hit the mystery candies as much as possible while they were down the board a bit - this way it wouldn't block the entrance of other mystery candies if they happen to turn into blocks. Sometimes I would also shift the mystery candy on the side. I was lucky to have the magic helmet therefore a sprinkle, a wrap and a stripe to start the play but no other boosters used.

  10. Posting for luck.

  11. Absolutely amazing 1 move. Won Space Dash and combined 2 sprinkles Done


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