Candy Crush Saga Level 2373 All Help tips and video

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 2373 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
Level 2373 is a dual task level, you have to collect 2 ingredients and clear the jelly in 30 moves.
The ingredients are on the board at the start of the level and, unlike most dual task levels, you will have to think about getting the ingredients out of the exits, they won't go there without help.
The cherry on the right isn't too much of a problem, just get it onto the conveyor and let it move around out of the side and you can make matches to let it drop down to the exits. The one on the left is a bit trickier as you need to let it move upwards into the open part of the board, then get it down to the exit using a stripe or a stripe/wrap combo.
Sometimes one or both of the ingredients will fall into the bottom corner section but this is OK as they will drop down diagonally as long as you clear the candies from below them using combos.
At the same time as you are working on getting the ingredients down to the exits you also need to be clearing jelly, this means making special candies and combos and combining them at the right time so you don't spoil the plans you made for the ingredients.
Video below
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  1. with no boosters I got this on my 3rd try, 3 stars with 7 moves left. The key was vertical stripes in the center section that I could use when the cherries were in place. I was prepared to have to use a hammer on one of them but never had to. Once the two fruits were taken care of it was relatively easy to get the rest of the board cleared.

  2. Yay! So happy I also beat this level with no boosters!
    Making special candies were very easy too. Helmets are great, I love them, but beating it without any help is priceless:)
    PC/no booster/3 stars

  3. So different on iPad. 25 moves and 18 blockers requiring multiple hits in the middle and on the bottom of the board. May have to try this one on my pc.

  4. This board literally changed overnight on my iPhone. It is much more difficult now. I was thinking the same thing about trying on the pc. Good luck!

  5. Why does my board on Android has so many freaking 4-hits blockers in the middle? What the f*** is wrong with you, King??!

  6. I never even get close.... not enough moves

  7. Bunches of blockers and need 3 cherries.

  8. Your video has no jelly like my computer one does. And the iPhone one is full of four hit blockers

  9. I've got blockers at all the 5 exits!!!!!

  10. If it's a glitch, please correct it.
    It's impossible to complete the game!!! Have been at it for weeks!!!!

  11. Your video has no blockers at all!!!!!!

  12. Mine has 18 blockers and 2 cherries
    And now has went to 3 cherries
    WTH !!!!! IMPOSSIBLE! !!!!!

    1. Just played on PC and passed on first try ! Impossible on Android

  13. 18 blockers, some of them 5 hit. It's absolutely impossible with the number of moves available. I've never ever complained before but this is a joke

  14. Why are Android versions of levels sometimes different and virtually impossible?? I hate this game for that. Sort it out King 😠

  15. I'll be pretty much done with this game if I don't pass this level soon. On my computer and iPhone, it has thick blockers all over and at the bottom. I can't clear enough of them to get the fruit out in 25 moves. Ridiculous.

  16. RIDICULOUS!!!!!
    Do something, King !!!!!!!

  17. King, can I make a suggestion - either u revert back to the original with no blockers, or increase the number of moves.

  18. This level in the video looks fairly easy. Nothing like it is now with fewer moves, blockers and an extra cherry. I did once get all the fruit but still needed a two hit jelly. I might have managed it with 30 moves.

  19. Now ipad has only 24 moves, as well as 3 cherries and all the blockers mentioned in other posts. Frustrating.


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