Candy Crush Saga Level 2473 Tips and video

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 2473 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
You have 34 moves to collect the orders which are.
8 licorice and 32 blockers which are on the board, and 14 chocolates which you will get from the chocolate dispenser s in the middle part of the board.
First you will need to clear the blockers around the middle to release the chocolate, this needs to be done while you have enough moves left to get the number of chocolates you need.
Clearing the blockers at the bottom of the conveyor is especially important as this will allow the licorice to drop from beside the chocolate dispensers so that the chocolate can be released.
Keep clearing the blockers and licorice and keep track of how much chocolate you need and how many moves you have left. 
The chocolate only grows one square per move, and only then if you don't clear any, so try not to clear it too often. It is better to clear a lot of chocolate in one go using a combo than to chip away at it one square at a time.
Video below
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  1. I feel like it's a toss-up between collecting frosting or chocolate. I can't seem to collect both. Played it about 10 times already. So frustrating!

  2. Irritating level. Looks easy but deceptive, because it lets you get so close, then blocks options.

  3. Frustrating and irritating is right. Whatever I do I can't seem to get enough chocolate. I've got down to needing 2, but no cigar yet. I guess it will give it to me when it's ready! Ho hum...

    Either that or the check booster will do the trick when I get it on Android, hopefully tomorrow...

  4. Ok, so it decided to let me have it about 5 tries later with no boosters used. Keep persevering folks...

  5. I got it with the use of the magic helmet plus an additional sprinkle and reset till they were together. I felt pretty smug but now the next level is hell on earth and the helmet disappeared :(

  6. Hard to get enough chocolates.

  7. Looks easy but not. When I get enough chocolates, I can't hit them in enough moves.

  8. Posting for luck


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