Candy Crush Saga Level 2475 Tips and video

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 2475 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
You have 30 moves to clear the jelly and complete the level.
This can be a pretty boring level if the candies are not kind, moves are limited and the conveyor slows the game down and can ruin well planned moves.
Having said that if you look carefully at the board and try to plan your moves you should be able to pass without losing too many lives.
First clear the blockers and licorice out of the way to give you a bit more space to work.
Then look for chances to make stripes and wraps and even colourbombs if you can manage it.
The stripes can be allowed to move around the conveyor until they are in line with the 4 corners, then used to clear the jelly in those squares. This is easier than trying to get fish from the float togo where you need them.
Colourbombs can also be used to clear those tricky jellies, but bear in mind that once the top layer is cleared they will be covered with licorice, which colourbombs won't touch. This is where the fish may be useful, but stripes will still clear them.
Video below
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Lucia said...

Lucky to get out of this one with only one booster.

Dieter Heinz said...

Finally I got this boring level only with luck and no booster

Suzie O said...

Boosters for me... specifically sprinkle and wrap and reset until together. That opened up the board pretty well and luckily I was able to make stripes to hit the fish bobber to get the two hard to reach jellies.

michelle mcbride said...

How many times do we get this one in this level... Stupid... Same thing As 2473

Never had a helmet said...

2nd try no boosters.
Fun as before.

Emsa8 said...

Congratulations to everyone who did it without boosters. After 1o times I found it sooooo unbelievably boring that I used the usual boosters (starting with CB + stripes and additionally using fish), ended with 15 moves left. That's what boosters for. I love doing a level even several days when it's possible to do interesting combinations, but thus level is just boring and waste of time (especially as the fish wobbler in the middle is relatively use-Nd senseless...)

Kai Q said...

Replay this stage to get a higher score. Passed again with no boosters used in Android. I always retry until my first move can hit the bottom block once. Hit above the minimal score finally, still 1 star though.

Anonymous said...

You're all pricks