Candy Crush Saga Level 2613 Tips and video

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 2613 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
Level 2613 is a jelly level with plenty of moves to clear the jelly.
The first and most important thing you need to do is clear blockers and chocolate from the top part of the board to get candies dropping so you can make matches and begin clearing the main part of the board.
You need a bit of luck once you get candies there as you need to be able to make matches straight away to prevent the chocolate from growing back and covering the candies.
Forget about the popcorn in the bottom of the board, grow it as you make combos, but try to save the colourbomb until you have candies in the top, then you can use it to clear a bigger space if you can't make matches.
Once you start clearing the main board work towards the right and keep pushing the chocolate back with any combos you can make.
This isn't a hard level if you can get into the top fairly quickly, but it can be a monster if the candies don't fall right.
Video below
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  1. Unfortunately King changed the rules... I have got only 30 moves :( Even with 40 moves you need luck. so imagine with only 30! Wanna give up...

  2. Change the rules its not fair gor all Players. I think i Must stop Play Candy Crush...
    Ägäis and Alain the Same... Now from 40 move only 30 and After 6 very difficult Levels in this Episode...

  3. Fuck King and Fuck candy crush. With every increase in level the game requires more and more luck to pass the hard levels they insert. It looks to me like they make these impossible levels to buy themselves time to create new levels, knowing that most player will be stuck for days if not weeks while trying to pass shit levels like 2613. They can take this game and shove it up their back sides!
    I'm done. When the game requires nothing but luck to pass levels then it's time to find a new game.

  4. I hate this level.Posting for luck

  5. It's a bit boring.....nothing you can do yourself....just waiting for the right board.....
    Help me a little.....stucked for days......
    posting for luck:-)

  6. Start with a stripe/wrapped booster. The beginning play area is quite small, so you will only have to roll your start a couple of times to get them side by side. Make a vertical stripe or two to open up the top section and you are good to go.

  7. Ok, I'll admit this is not the most pure effort but after reading the comments, I used a CB on top of the space blast CB, 1 hammer to get them next to each other and blew away all the chocolates and finished with 21 moves left. Better than cursing the darkness ☺

  8. In this game you can do nothing, nothing and nothing. All you need is a lucky board and for this you must play, play and play. Only 30 moves is a hammer. With 40 I had just did it. Now I spend a lot of hearts if I can go to the next level.

  9. Is it really possible to clear this level? I do not see the light at three end of the tunnel for this one!

  10. LOL, are they talking about the same level we are all playing??? Such a waste of time! I think King wants everyone to quit...If you domclear some of the top and side, it is covered with chocolate as quickly as it was uncovered! Winning??? Don't see it happening unless you are wanting to play for hours, or days...I'll post for luck, but these last levels might be my last!

  11. No skill on this level for sure. Boring and tedious....

  12. With so much luck as in the video..... you better go to the casino.... and even with that luck you cant do it in 30 moves. So what does King wants us to do..? All quit?

  13. This level is an absolute pain but you will get it. Took me about 20 tries and eventually did it. Just ignore the popcorn and focus on combos to smash through the top. Good luck!

  14. I can't beat it! I REEEEEEALY DO NOT LIKE THIS LEVEL...ARG!!!

  15. Never had a helmet15 July 2017 at 22:34

    2 stars, 2 try,no boosters.

  16. I really don't see how you can do it in 30 moves without an AWFUL lot of luck. Even when I've managed to start clearing the top in the first few moves and kept the chocolate from coming back I've never got anywhere near clearing the board. I'll try this level occasionally but concentrate on playing some of the enjoyable early levels.


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