Candy Crush Saga Level 37.

Tips for level 37 Candy Crush Saga
Unlock the locked candies by matching the candies inside them. Look carefully before each move so you don't miss any good matches.
If you can make special candies like stripes and wraps you will be able to clear the jelly more easily.

Video below.

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Anonymous said...

Candy crush level 37 .
I have been on this level for over 10 days now and am unable to get on to the next level. I have reached a target score of over 300000.
I have started the game with one, two and three stars, cleared all the jellies numerous times and even though it ends with 'Wonderful. Level completed' it still doesn't let me go on to the next level.
Do you have to belong to Facebook to get your friend to help you and as l don't belong to Facebook does this mean l will get no further.?
What is the criteria to complete this level. Does anyone out there know as l am getting frustrated being told that l have completed the level only to find that l am starting again STILL ON LEVEL 37?
Please help me.