Candy Crush Saga Level 23.

Tips for level 23 Candy Crush Saga.
The aim of level 23 is to clear all the jely, which is hidden under the cream.
In order to clear the cream and get to the jelly underneath you have to make matches in the squares touching the cream.
Try to get matches in the vertical columns at the start to clear some of the cream, but if that isn't possible make matches in the top but as close to the cream as possible and work your way down into it.
Always look for special candies, stripes and wraps and especially colour bombs and switch them together if at all possible.
You will see in the video at one point I was trying to make a colour bomb with the blue candies but it didn't come off so I abandoned it and moved on to something else without wasting too many moves.
Once you have some cream cleared work at the bottom of the board as much as possible but remember to look at the whole board before every move in case there is a chance to make a colour bomb or other special candy somewhere else.
Video below

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Anonymous said...

I need help with level 23

Kappakappaduck said...

Level 23 seems to be a straight up roadblock, I can't get any further. Been on 23 for 2 weeks now. About to give up and remove the game altogether. I don't have a Facebook page and don't want one either. If you can give me any tips on how to get past 23 I'd be appreciative.