• What's the best strategy for playing Candy Crush Saga?
    By Adrian Gardner
    As the Candy Crush Saga game progresses so the levels get harder, and new elements 
    are added. 
    Here are a few hints-n-tips.
     In no real order!

    If it's NOT a timed level, THINK about each move, your aim is not time or score, it's just to finish.
     IF you finish, you will usually get at least one star. 
    Scores can be maximised later!

    Some levels of Candy Crush can be finished easily enough … others really can only be finished with a few special combos, so you're probably looking for spotted on striped, or the other main combs.

    Always try and create a special sweet, even above doing “whatever” is needed for the level … a few moves creating a special and using it will often do far more than just taking a line of three here and there.

     Always focus on trying to get combos but if you can't get, or set up, a combo try and open up any locked or awkward areas of the screen. 

    Always try and play the lowest move, so random chance means you MAY get helpful falls / cascades above! 

    Here's a simple example: 
    you could match the greens at the top of this board, but it's much better to match the blues at the bottom, making the whole row move down, which could result in several matches with just the one move.
    You may even get the chance to make a special sweet after the board settles.

    If you get a spotted next to a (say) red striped, consider getting as many red on screen first, so sometimes a delay of two or three moves is worth it - this is easier if they are above each other, if next to each other it's easy for them to separate!

    If you get a wrapped next to striped, consider where best to use them. Sometimes dropping them down a level or more is beneficial. 
    Remember, the centre line of the "explosion" will be down the line of the sweet you move TO.

    On a few levels, an early example being Level 16,  finishing quickly is not always best … 
    As an example, level 16 on Candy Crush usually gives a better score if you've played out most of your available moves as each one (typically) scores more than the fish bonus at the end!

    On levels with only four colours, if you can try and finish with a spotted on a wrapped – this will remove two of the four colours and can mean a mega end-of-game bonus, with other spotties being created, and triggered etc etc. Even better is to have some 
    spotties on screen too!

    Whilst spotted on spotted clears ALL sweets on screen, on later levels it doesn't always help, as it only clears one level of jelly or cream,
     NO chocolate and NO licorice …
     So consider using them separately!
    Below is an example of 2 spotties together which are best NOT switched with each other.
    If you switch them together it will clear all the candies from the board but will not clear any jelly from the 2 bottom corners.

    BUT if you switch the top colour bomb with the purple candy it will unlock one of the locked candies and drop the bottom colour bomb down onto the yellow stripe, then you can switch it with the yellow stripe which will do much more damage, give more points and possibly clear the jelly at the bottom!
    With thanks to Adrian Gardner for this information.

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