Candy Crush Saga Liquorice/ Licorice

By Adrian Gardner.

Liquorice (licorice?) ... from level 81 this stuff appears, 
replacing candies. 

It can "fall" like normal candies and is destroyed when a 

match is made (by you, or as a consequence of one of your 

moves) next to it ... this can be on either side, above or 


Certain levels start with some and/or it falls "into" the
play area when back-filling the grid 

after you've played your move. 

You can also swap it with a normal candy to make a valid


However it differs from normal candies in two regards ...

One: It can't make groups of three (or more, etc) ... so it's 

like an unmatchable candy .... 

So three Liquorice in a row isn't a valid combo.

Two: It stops "blast" type combos ... so a striped candy

blast will hit the first liquorice it meets and STOP ...

Candies (or other liquorice) beyond the first will stay as they 

are ... this makes it quite hard to clear large numbers of 

them and restricts some of your combos.

Sadly there are few tricks to rid yourself of this annoyance ... 

Try and play near it so it gets removed. 

One special which WILL remove it ALL 

is a spotted-on-spotted ... 

Although getting two of these, AND next to each other,
(as you can't move them!), is a real challenge!

... and to think I used to like liquorice as a kid!


Anonymous said...

Actually it can stop the chocolate-.-

Anonymous said...

Liqourice and chocolate sounds like my worst nightmare!!

April said...

Also, I just recently learned, that if you always make sure to clear a piece of licorice swirl with a combo on each turn, this prevents more from being dispensed.

This is a very useful tip, when those licorice dispensers put out a whole column of the stuff!

Maybe this info could be added on the main page about licorice -- just a thought. I sure wish I had of found out this tip sooner. I could tell there was some trigger/prevention to whole rows of the licorice, but I couldn't figure it out on my own.


April said...

Me again.

When I asked that the above info be added to the main licorice page, I meant transferring or adding a line to that page that makes it clear that as long as you remove one piece of licorice per turn, that will stop the licorice dispensers from putting out a whole lines of the stuff.

I have re-read the licorice page several times, and while this idea might be implied there, it isn't crystal clear. So maybe use a line like:

"For levels with licorice whorl dispensers, you can prevent long lines of licorice being dispensed if you make sure to remove one piece of licorice with each move you make."

This is especially important for level 293!

Thanks for all of the hard work you all put in on this site. it has helped my game play immensely.