Candy Crush Saga Teleports.

By Adrian Gardner

From level 66 onwards you can encounter teleports. 

Unlike most things you'll encounter in Candy Crush Saga these DON'T take up a "square" on the play-board, rather they add a sort of portal transporting a sweet from an "exit" on one square to an "entrance" on another elsewhere on the board. 

On many boards these are directly above/below each other (say from the bottom of a column back to the top of the same column again). However on more challenging boards (like the one shown, L137) they can have far more complicated routes!

This can take a little while to get your head around ... 

To make a sweet (or fruit on the "collect orders" levels) fall through a teleport you have to make a match lower down so the cascade draws them through. 

Where it gets complicated is that the location of the teleports can mean that "lower down" can actually be ABOVE! 

Don't worry, this sounds far more complicated than it actually is on most levels!

Level 76 is a good one to help you get your head around it as the teleports here make the board play "backwards".

Note "specials" (eg line blasts) don't go "through" teleports, but do go across the screen as normal.

Not many tips for these, however on "collect order" levels do think about how long it takes to get a fruit 
along the teleport path. 

Sometimes a clever swap sideways eg. from column 2 to column 3, may save it going all the way down column 2, then down column 3, thereby saving several moves.

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