Candy Crush Saga Stalemate

By Adrian Gardner.                                                                                                                                                 
Stalemate?                                  Useful?  "like"------->

Occasionally there will come a time where there

are NO more valid moves in your Candy Crush Game...

 In the old days that was game over! 

However more recently when you get into this 

position you get all the candies on the board shuffled, 

but NOT things like chocolate, cream, jelly etc ... 

BOMBS don't move either, nor do any FRUIT you may be 

trying to collect on a "Collect Orders" level.

When shuffled the actual type of sweets can change so you 

may not have the same number of each as you had before, 

but the locations will be randomised. 

Any specials just get moved around. 

So if you had 1  striped red candy before, 

you'll have 1 striped red candy afterwards, 

but probably in a new location.

Note: you'll never shuffle a usable spanglie/spotted candy, 

as this would always provide for a valid move!

When the board re-fills you may well get matches straight 

off from the new random placements happening to 

make valid moves.

A shuffle "costs" you one move so you can't have one if 

you've only one move left - so why not make it work for

If you look at the pic you can see we are nearly in a 

stalemate situation and "small" moves of groups-of-three 

aren't really helping you open up the board or score points. 

You only have two choices left.

IF you switch the green and yellow (as surrounded by the 

red box) you will have to make at least one more "low value" 

move - as the green's will then become your next valid move. .
You MAY well want this, but it's not really helping you, just 

using up your goes.

HOWEVER if you switch the orange and yellow (green box) 

then there is a fair chance that there will be NO valid move 

afterwards and you'll force a shuffle of the whole board ... 

This may well be more beneficial to you as it could create 

several matches and/or set up others. 

So if a level seems to be going nowhere, it can be beneficial 

to work towards a stalemate!


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