Stop the Chocolate.

How do I stop the chocolate in Candy Crush Saga?

The chocolate is a real problem if it starts to spread.

The first thing to do is not release it too early if it's stuck behind other things like cream or licorice.

Try to make striped candy's which will go through the chocolate and clear it. 

Once it escapes and starts to spread you can stop it by destroying one piece.

In this image I can stop it spreading by lining up the blues at the top, which will destroy the top square and stop it spreading.

 It will not spread if you can clear some with each move. 

It will only spread if your move doesn't clear any either directly or indirectly.

Striped and wrapped candy combined is useful for clearing chocolate too.


Anonymous said...
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Dennis Green said...

425 stop the time bombs! Now!

Dennis Green said...

Candy crush saga I try blue jelly bean,stripes & burst candy need help me please 425!