How can I save my lives???.

For PC and Laptop users only.. 

How to get more lives and keep them coming!

As you all know we are only allowed to have 5 lives to play with. 
You CANNOT save the extra lives you are sent !

Lots of people ask where the lives go that we are given. 

We often have lots more lives when we open the game
 but they all vanish!

This is frustrating but many games are like this. 

There is a way to keep the lives coming while you play so that you can play longer without having to wait for lives.

As soon as you lose JUST ONE life, ask your friends 
to send more!

Just click on the plus sign at the top of the screen.
 (see pic)
You will then be able to ask friends for lives. 
When the box to send requests appears, choose Candy Crush players from the drop down menu.

Then choose friends to send requests to... 
You can send requests to up to 50 people as often as 
you like!
Once that's done continue playing!
When you run out of lives all you need to do is refresh the game and hopefully anyone who is playing will have sent you lives..
Then repeat the process!

As long as you make sure your requests are going to Candy Crush players no one will mind you sending requests.

Obviously this will work better if you have plenty of friends who play Candy Crush!


Anonymous said...

I play the game on an Android phone and have it linked to my facebook profile.

Whenever I run out of lives I go into the Settings > Apps > Candy Crush Saga and select Clear data.

Go back into CCS and hit the connect to facebook button. You'll be were you left off with all your lives back!

Annette Ormond said...

Silly, you should be able to save your lives on your computer just as you do on your phone...! Otherwise, what's the point? I really hope you change this. I love the phone version, but almost try to avoid the on on my pc.

Anonymous said...

How do you send friends lives?

Anonymous said...

How much does it cost to send friends lives?

Anonymous said...

plz I cant start level 36 plz I need tickets

Anonymous said...

I had over 40 lives and suddenly disappeared! Why or how did it disappear? Help pls!

Anonymous said...

hey, I found a little trick if for pc users for more lives.
Just open candy crush in multiple tabs, you get at least get 1 extra life, as soon as you pass a level in one tab refresh all the other tabs, this will update your progress along with getting an extra life - so in theory this could lead up to unlimited lives.

Anonymous said...

I did something like this. Only with two tabs, and it worked for a short time.

Fizzle said...

No, other games are not like this. This is a complete waste of time. Change the way you do this, and stop being greedy! People can only play five games a sitting, even when friends send 20 lives!

Jessica Thurlow said...

I play on my android, and I stockpile lives. I burn through my five, and only accept one or two at a time depending on how much time is on the timer. When I play on my laptop, I don't have access to my extra lives inbox, so I watch a video for a free life or I go back to my phone. I usually run out of lives around bedtime so I sit there and send a handful of requests before turning in for the night. When I wake up, I have my five plus however many my friends sent. Ometimes I do the same when lives run out and I just find something to do for an hour or so after sending requests. Haven't had to wait too long yet, maybe an hour here and there but I don't notice cuz I'm sleeping or busy. I love this game. Better than a trashy romance book or tv lol

Anonymous said...

You can keep playing for a long time by doing this, without even asking friends for lives! (on my pc) when you're out of lives, and the box opens to 'ask friends', close it (and any other boxes that pop up), then click on the level you're on as if to play, and once again, close 'ask friends' till you get to the video ad for a free life..if it doesn't work the 1st time, just keep doing it over & over till you get to the video ad for a free life..most video ads are only 10-30 seconds!

Anonymous said...

I also did this to get more lives on my pc until today. It no longer gives me the option to ask friends for lives or to watch an ad for more lives. Now it just lets you "claim offer" or buy more lives. "Claim Offer" just makes you play another game that they offer :(

hanken78 said...

I'm new to the game and I am wondering about the whole giving lives and asking for them. I sent lives to the friends who requested them but I didn't notice they it took any lives away from me. Does it not actually take lives away from you??

Anonymous said...

No longer ask friends for lives on computer... anyone else having the same problem?????

Christine said...

I never get any of the extra lives friends give me either. I used to when I first started playing. I believe it is an intended action on behalf of whoever owns the game, to get you to buy them. I have been stuck on level 70 for weeks and weeks..and I stupidly keep playing this stupid game!!!!

Anonymous said...

I play on my iPhone and I have 166 lives saved up but there's no way to use, when I go to accept one to use one, it only shows like 3, it's really stupid I don't know how to get to them and I have the latest version

David Glover said...

I quit this game you it steals your lives stored up every day you steal my stored lives .

Anonymous said...

I can't send my Facebook friends any lives or tickets.... Why not

Anonymous said...

No, the best way to have "unlimited" lives, is to open many tabs.
I mean, you play your game as much as you want and once you have only 1 live left, stop playing, open 5 or 6 other tabs (it should be enough time to have another life, if you don't finish or lose the level in 20 seconds). Once the other tabs are open and the game is launched, start to play with the game on the first tab. If you lose, close the tab, go on the 2nd. If you lose, close again and go on the 3rd tab. etc..
Now, if you win, let the tab open and close the other ones, continue your game in the tab you won.
If you won on the last one you have opened, well, simply stay on this one, and again, if you still have only 1 live left, re-open other tabs for the next level..

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Anonymous said...

I do this on iPhone and iPad all the time, don't know if it works on Andriod but I assume it would. If you run out of lives, go into your device's date and time settings and change the day to tomorrow's date. Go back to CC, open it, you'll have 5 lives. Without opening the level, go back to settings and change the date to the correct day. You can now use your lives and you can do this over and over again.

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Anonymous said...

have found a great way to get free lives for a year. because these games are shit in that you have to pay money to get bonus power or lives, if you do no transactions with candy crush for only 28 days, they will try to keep you as a customer and give you free lives for a year. hurry and get started before they find out everyone is doing it

Anonymous said...

ok android users only
when you run out of lives download a date changing app on your phone or change the date in setting one year ahead then load candy crush use one life then change the date back to real time


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Anonymous said...

I was on 1615 when Candy Crush Saga would go out on me after I hit the play button. I followed all the instructions on this website including running the CCleaner, uninstalling Candy Crush Saga, reinstalling Candy Crush Saga, activating Adobe Flash Player. Now, I have lost everything. I am back at #1.

Is there any way I can get back to where I was.