Candy Crush Fish.

By Adrian Gardner

Fish … although some levels of Candy Crush Saga conclude with a “swimming 

fish” bonus (and it's a purchasable boost on some levels too) 

from level 246 onwards coloured fish can appear in place 

of candies.

 I think (but TBC) that they can also be randomly 

encountered on level 231 onwards when replacing '?' 


If you make a valid swap (ie line of three, or more) which 

contains a fish then that line goes as normal AND three 

extra fish “swim on” from the edge of the screen and each 

make a beneficial clear of a cell - somewhere. (note the cell 

can be one with, OR WITHOUT, a candy in it)

NOTE in the example pictured above 
(which is a few goes in), the 

left frame has NO entrance – so once empty/stagnated it 
can ONLY have it's jelly cleared by line blasts and other 
specials OR by a fish. 

Here triggering a fish combo (ie in the right frame) could 

yield a clearance of the jelly in a full, or in an “empty” cell on the left frame. Fish will always try and clear a jelly cell, if 
there is one.

Where it gets more clever is when you swap a fish with a 
“special” …

If you swap a fish with a stripped (vertical or horizontal)
candy (of any colour, they DON'T have to be the same 
colour!) results in the three fish swimming on and depositing AND triggering 
three striped candies (randomly vertical or horizontal, NOT 
the same as the one you swapped the fish with) in random 
(but beneficial) locations. NOTE – they can ONLY “swap” a 
candy – if the cell is empty it will just clear the jelly, NOT 
“create” a new striped candy – so best played with a full play area!

In a similar way, swap any coloured fish with any coloured 

wrapped candy and the three fish swim on and deposit AND 

triggering three wrapped candies (again, only if the cell has 
a candy in it already).

Likewise, swap other specials with a fish for extra bonuses 
(not tested at this time!)

When you've got fish the tactics are … 
- keep chocolate away from it (it will “eat” it and therefore 
waste it!)

- if possible play specials with a fish. DOESN'T have to be a 
line of three, just one “special” with just one fish, of any 

- try and keep jellied areas full of candies, especially area 
which don't re-fill, so specials can have maximum effect

- if possible, save some fish for near the end – if you've only 
got two jelly cells to clear, but in hard-to-get-at places one 
fish will do them.

If 3 fish are triggered, they will only attack a piece
of jelly ONCE.

So if you have a double thick piece it will only clear the
top layer.

A colour bomb and a fish if swapped turn 3 random candies
into fish, which then turn into 3 MORE fish.

So 1 colour bomb with a fish makes NINE fish!!

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BikeMom said...

I think you don't need your apology about the complexity of this topic. you did a very good job of explaining it, both the basic info and the complex details.