Mystery Candy.

By Adrian Gardner.
Mystery Candy's appear first at level 231.

A candy with a '?' on it can be swapped as normal, but will 

turn into a random “something” afterwards. 

What it turns into can be negative... eg. a piece of chocolate 

(which, if left unchecked, will then spread), a chocolate 

factory, a piece of licorice, a piece of cream of random 

"thickness" ... It may need just one blast to destroy it or it 

may turn that cell into a bit of background and therefore

remove that cell from the "playfield" entirely! 

Alternatively it can turn into something positive … eg a 

striped candy, a wrapped candy, a colour bomb, a fish, a 

"tick" candy or that pink-round-thingy (!), etc.

If "colour" is relevant to the new object it will not necessarily 

be the same as before.

Sometimes the new candy is "open" (ie immediately 

playable), sometimes it is wrapped in jelly and therefore 

needs to be “unlocked” first. 

It's also possible it will become a new "?" again!

If a swap of one or more mystery candies results in a valid 

combo they will “go off” immediately so, say you swap 3 '?', 

and they result in two blues and a stripped blue then that is 

a valid line of three – they will go and the stripped blue will 

do a line blast … which, will then “hit” other '?'s, and so on!. 

On the level shown above (236) this can mean that a lucky 

first swap can yield a combo which triggers other '?'s which, themselves, triggers yet more – I have finished this level in ONE move several times, it's quite fun! 
Experience so far seems to be that not all outcomes are equally likely … eg. I have had many instances of chocolate, but very few of chocolate factories … I've had many striped candies, few “tick” candies. I'd also say that “negative” outcomes are a bit more likely than positive ones, so you may wish to consider carefully exactly when to play them.


guitarrgirl said...

Grrrrrrr. What's a tick candy? Is it the round one with the check mark inside? And what the heck does it do? Also, did you mention those pesky bombs?! This game would be so much more fun without them!

nausheen ali said...

i was on level 600 + in candy crush saga when i tried connecting it to my account nd reached level 90 can i get back to my previous levels,if i wasn't connected to any account earlier