Candy Crush Saga Level 147 NEW TIPS!

Tips for level 147 
by Adrian Gardner.
Level 147 Candy Crush Saga is all about tactics.
Really focus on what moves are doing. Sets of 3 just aren't going to do it on these levels.
You must manufacture specials, combos etc.
Each move must, in order of priority, set off a combo, create another special, set off a special, eat a bit of cream or eat a bit of jelly.. Preferably more than one of these things.
Use the DAILY CHALLENGES on the All Help Group to practise, especially when we set a lower level than 65.
We are not gods, we are the same as you , if we can pass a level and get such-and-such a score, SO CAN YOU! Just experiment.
If you are really stuck go back to level one and work through the levels again as the earlier levels are designed to "teach" you the game and it's underlying mechanics.

Tips by Allina Rumfelt
Believe  it or not this level used to be much harder. The bombs went from 10 to 15 lives, fewer dropped and less 4 strike meringues in December of  2013.   I also read it was much easier to pass on a PC so some mobile devices may still have the harder level. So if your on a mobile device maybe try to play on a pc for this level .
Obviously you want to make sure to take the bombs out first. Try to make a few horizontal stripes and let them fall to the bottom to get those pesky corners. 
Color bombs are your most valuable special on this level but all specials will help clear the jelly. Once you get down to 15 moves remaining, don't worry about the bombs anymore, just concentrate on clearing the bottoms. 
Good luck and below is a video demo of the before and after boards. If your still getting the old board, try to get to a pc. 

Scroll down for video and more tips


Anonymous said...

It's hard to manufacture combos when it shuffles CONSTANTLY...not sure how you think playing 146 levels over again is supposed to help (and yeah, it does sound patronizing)

Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed this game up until this level. I have always thought if I could get through the other difficult levels I can get through any. Not this one. It's so terrible difficult that it is incredible boring and frustrating. It seems impossible to do. My patience is running out. It has to be 300 lives tried and no luck. Oh, yeah that constant shuffling is very annoying.

Anonymous said...

This level is all about making you spend money to buy extra lives.
Shame on you. I refuse to spend a penny on this game. I have been stuck on this level for over a month. Came close once 1jelly left with 10 moves left. not one move on the side of the board I needed. Shame on you again developers. I am done with it and any other games you make.

Jane said...

I just watched a how-to on YouTube and that person only had 3 of the timer doohickies. I get get one at least every move I make. This level needs more moves or less timers. It's just so frustrating.

Anonymous said...

I'm sending well wishes to all of you stuck on this level! It was my nemesis! I was stuck here for 5 weeks. I finally passed it without buying any boosters. Lost some hair in the process! LOL Hang in there because after this everything else seems easy! I'm now on level 405, just 3 short months later. I wish I could offer some tips but this one is sheer luck of the board!

bored shitless said...

Been stuck on this damn level for weeks now and seriously thinking of deleting it. Frankly I am bored with it. Got down to last 2 with about 10 moves left and there were no moves near them. Also sick of it shuffling and the amount of bombs is ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

This is just too much, excessive shuffling, can't get enough bombs, just 3 at one time, and the worst part, is I have spent an enormous amount of lives. Shame on you developers; games are meant to be fun not stress you out.

Anonymous said...

I love the comment to watch the video to see what his moves are. How can you see them when you can't locate the mouse icon? And by the time you find the mouse, the pieces are gone and you can't figure out what he was pinpointing. Try making these videos way slower instead of warp speed.

feelgoodtime said...


RaynaDee said...
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RaynaDee said...

I hate this level!! Played it a million times! It'll prolly be the end of Candy crushin' for me! The set up of the candy board is doom for failure! I've had it shuffle several times during play--which distracts me greatly-and throws me off! My points got up to almost 350,000-and then-the time bomb couldn't be removed! Or the bottom needed clearing. I don't think buying gold bars or boosters should be a option to pass this hard level! I've gained skills--but- haven't gotten a lucky set up to win yet! I've had it!!