Tips for level 92, Candy Crush Saga

Adrian's tips.

Remember your aim here is JUST to get the fruit down 
(there are tips on this elsewhere!) ... aim to play swaps 
which either move a piece down, or at least opens up the 
route to the exit.

... Other moves may look tempting but unless they help this 
goal (or produce a special / combo) ignore them! 
However remember that a vertical line blast 
(or combo) is the best way of opening up the bottom few 
rows - so don't ignore specials. 

Also, IF you get the first fruit quickly the next will 
drop in to the spaces created by your next go ... so (if at all 
possible) make this next go in a "good" place ... ie in an 
"open" column, not one still blocked.

More tips

 the difficult part here is removing the licorice, and the locked pieces. If you are fortunate enough to nab a horizontal candy and can drop it down between matching locked pieces to clear out the bottom.. 
The troublesome part of the level is moving ingredients to columns that go down when they are put in columns that are blocked. 
Best to move the ingredients early as possible.

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