Candy Crush Saga Level 442

How to pass level 442 Candy Crush Saga
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Anonymous said...

Your first moves need to free the color bomb at the bottom and then use it to explode whatever color is in the majority at the top. That will break at least one hard candies and release colors onto the board. IF you don't do that first, you'll quickly run out of moves and colors. You can then play this like any other standard "bring down the ingredients" board.

Bill said...

Use the colour bomb wisely then usual combinations, vertical stripes in the right column help. Nice level.

Anonymous said...

So frustrating when the ingredient is in the far left or right column to start! Just went through all 5 lives because of that!

Lei said...

Started playing this level in pc but switched to mobile with the new updates! Yes start playing candy crush again on mobile!
Clear 4 ingredients.
Your priority here is unfreeze the frozen color bomb. Match it with whatever color of the candy that is located near an ingredient. Then clear every ingredient as any standard ingredient requirement level.
Have fun!

Anonymous said...

so, basically king is making up for the most horrifying episode of candy crush by the most ridiculously easy episode -seems to be- that started @ 441 ..

well, in short, this is one hell of an easy level for the high number said to be its title !

Anonymous said...

I actually got a vertical stripe that broke a block before I was able to unfreeze the color bomb. That was nice as I got more candies to drop. Finished on first try, so not too hard. I found it boring though.

Anonymous said...

I never cleared two of the blocked lanes and still managed to get through this level in the same game. It can be done.

My first round gave me two color bombs side by side but that still didn't help. Whilst it cleared the blocked lanes I still never got the fruit down before my turns ran out.

Michelle dv said...

A refreshing change and quite simple really - no chocolate, bombs, cakes or cyclones. It took me 7 lives though. The strategy is to get the first fruit actually released which is a tad tricky if it does not have a colour beneath it. I finally got it out with only three of the columns unblocked.