Candy Crush Saga Level 443

How to pass level 443 Candy Crush Saga
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Anonymous said...

Not a difficult level. Just be careful not to let your number bombs drop below to the blocked jellies early on. You may not be able to get to them before the bomb goes off. Other than that, the number bombs were easy to get rid of. Good luck! PM

Anonymous said...

When is update for iPhone , can not play any level above 440, on PC I can

Bill. said...

Completed after about twenty attempts. Two chocolate bombs next to each other big help.

Lei said...

Whew that was a bit difficult level it took me a lot of lives to finish it and why the clouds are there no comments here? I guess it was just me who had a hard time.
Some tips here:
* Do not let the bombs drop below because you will waste moves just trying to eliminate it. Plus you need to unlock the locked candies.
* Color bomb + striped combo is the way to go it clears almost everything! Funny there were 2 times i played where i had color bombs 3x yet i did not finish the level at all.
* After unlocking the candies go stright to clearing every jelly! Those are just 2-hit blockers. Glad to move on!

Anonymous said...

So I guess I'm the only having a problem with the bombs? Lol every time I get a bomb, not one color of the same comes down!! I have no way to deactivate it :(

Jennifer said...

Having the same issue here. Every time a bomb drops down, every color, but the color of the bomb comes after it. Before I know it, my 9 moves are gone and the bomb has exploded. Annoying.

Seems much easier on the phone though. I was able to get it down to one jelly on the phone. On the computer, I can barely clear the first bomb.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the comments about the bombs. They are hard to manage. I got a sprinkle/stripe combo but then another bomb came down and there were no matching colors around it. I didn't have much jelly left and the bomb spoiled my win!

Anonymous said...

Got on first try, so feel lucky. Was real easy to get stripes and got chocolate bomb on opening. I found it fairly easy to get rid of bombs if carefully watched moves, tho real happy finished on first try with 11 moves left as can see how could be annoying with bombs.

Anonymous said...

cherylcandycrush here.

Quite an enjoyable level.
It wasn't too easy for me, took a couple of days. Bit of a challenge but do-able in a reasonable time, which is how I like them.

Just watch the bombs, if they fall down the bottom early on it is hard to get to them before they kill you.