Candy Crush Saga Level 449

How to pass level 449 Candy Crush Saga
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Reb said...

I thought this was impossible at first then after a few tries, by a fluke, I smashed all of the chocolate.

Then, because there are no choco machines, it was quite straight forward.

So, the 'secret' is, smash the chocolate as soon as you can

Mike C said...

This one really isn't too hard. but, like Reb said previously, because there is no chocolate factory, so simply wiping out the chocolate will stop it. So you should aim to do that as soon as possible, otherwise you end up with a chocolate situation on your hands that grows out of control. Watch your corners and try to get a color bomb to deal with those. Otherwise, straight forward board.

Bill. said...

Good fun level. Get the chocolate then straightforward.

Lei said...

Very challenging level! All you have to do is clear all jellies including the lone jellies in the lower part of the board.
First move here is to eliminate the chocolate before it covers all jellies.
Then make matches to unlock the locked candies if you make special candies and combos the better.
Then you have to unfreeze the color bomb in the middle or better yet make your own color bombs then combine it with striped candies to clear the isolated jellies below. Only color bomb + striped combo can clear that. Clear those, clear the jellies you are good to go!
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Great tips but first you have to get a "nice" board that does not keep reshuffling due to the lack of moves available. Still waiting for that nice board!!! Again, lots of luck needed to get that good board.

Anonymous said...

i am really liking these levels which require strategy! It took me a few tries but i enjoyed getting closer every time! the key for me was making sure i had a horizontal stripe to take out the two in the corners, since they have to be hit twice! good luck!

Anonymous said...

The key is to get the chocolate early, which is easier said than done because there are no possible moves at the bottom of the board to clear the chocolate quickly. Unfreezing the sparkly in the middle and then getting it against a stripe is essential, to help clear the two isolated blocks at the bottom. I got a somewhat lucky board because after the first sparkly/striped combo, I got adjacent sparklies, which got rid of the chocolate, cleared the jelly in the lower corners and left me with just two jellies to clear with nineteen moves to play with. If only I could get such lucky boards all the time. Still, as with many levels, sparkly/striped and wrapped/striped, especially at the bottom of the board, are helpful. If you can't make combos, unlocking candies is also helpful as it frees up the board.

Anonymous said...

cherylcandycrush here.

Enjoyable level. Some challenges but not too hard, you will probably be through after a few tries.

As others have said, the key is to kill the chocolate, easier said than done of course. But if you get that lucky break early in the piece, once it is wiped out, you can concentrate on the moves.
The first couple of times though I was so submerged in chocolate the system had to reshuffle so I could move at all.
So just keep plugging away if the first games don't work out.

Michelle dv said...

Such a nice fun level. Watch the chocolate as well as those two isolated jellies. They're a bit tricky.

Anonymous said...

After several tries, two chocolate & striped did it for me, with 23 moves left !! It is getting the lucky board & not much strategy. Good luck !!!