Candy Crush Saga Level 457

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No Boosters

Tips for level 457 Candy Crush

This is a fairly straightforward level, the ingredients go in a straight line down through the teleports.
The only thing you have to be aware of is not letting the chocolate take over..
Once again specials and combos are the key to high scores.
Stripe bonus at the end so you can finish early.


prop1000 said...

very easy. finish it in 1st try with 24 moves left.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't say it was easy, if the fruits get stuck on top of the chocolate machine its difficult to shift them sideways. Some people I guess get lucky on the 1st try and think they are Albert Einstein.

Bill. said...

Agree not that easy. Keep the fruit from the middle column then vertical stripes.

Cybelle said...

Well I did it maybe 10 times and the only way I got it is when my ingredients came down from the middle. So yes I think that if you got it the very first time you are just damn lucky. Have to be careful so that the chocolat doesn't invade. Good luck to you.

Anonymous said...

I got it on third try on ipad with one star. Found good to let chocolate take over bottom then easy to drop fruit with vertical stripe. Fiver stripe combos helpful here. Was able to get those 2 out of 3 games. Third game I got lucky and fruit mostly came down the single drop down exit column. Only had to move one over. I would retry if it starts way over like my second try did. Oddly I did not find it too hard to move fruit over as I have in other games, tho it helps that the fruit isn't on a side column. Easier to line up candies on both sides. I also found this game easy to make stripes and pkgs despite the smaller playing area.

Anonymous said...

chocolate bomb mixed with stripes does the trick! got it on the second try, the key is to always look to see what combinations you can make! very enjoyable!

Michelle dv said...

Thx for the tips - they worked for me. Vertical stripes quickly pushed my fruit through.