Candy Crush Saga Level 458

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No Boosters

Tips for level 458 Candy Crush.

The first thing to do is get the locked cells open to give you the whole board to play on. 
Then just look for specials all the time.. 
Groups of three won't clear this level as there are difficult to get at jellies.. 
Colour bombs alone are good, but with stripes or wraps even better..


Bill. said...

Good game to play plenty of different options. Keep looking for combinations and unlock the mystery candies.

Anonymous said...

Kinda fun. Not too hard to get fivers. Pair that with a stripe early then pick off other candies. Break mystery ones ASAP so know which others to target.

Anonymous said...

a nice one! completed first try! make combos when you can, they seem to come easy!

Michelle dv said...

I found this to be a very frustrating level and it took me about 30 lives to get it out. The top corners of the side bits are quite tricky and I kept getting solid jelly with nothing underneath that could only be cleared by a stripe. At last I got a sprinkle next to a stripe which finally eased my frustration.

Raylo said...

Fun level!