Tips for level 487 Candy Crush Saga.

The three columns on the left are directly related to the three on the right..
The far left column moves down into the left column of the three on the right, the middle left into middle right etc.. 
So the secret is to work in the three right hand columns and try to make as many specials and combos as you can to get the fruit moving...
Ingredients fall one by one and you have to get one off the board before another falls.
Stripe/wrap combos are good, but make sure there is no licorice blocking the way when you match them.. 
Colour bombs are always good to get things moving, either on a single colour or as a combo with stripe or wrap.



Anonymous said...

c/candycrush here.
Easy level.
If you can match a striped candy with a fish or even better, a colour bomb with a striped candy, just watch all the jelly get cleared for you.
It took me a few tries, but nothing too hard.

Anonymous said...

I dont know where the top blog came from but it certainly does not belong on this game blog. This level is not a game it is a chore!!!!!!!!! boring boring boring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i must have played this level 40 times impossible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

a7mad.3ezz said...

fun level, easy and tricky .. just pay attention to the bombs and it will be done in no time !

Tracey@ODC said...

Enjoyed this level. Used colour bombs to knock off colours and the fruit took care if itself. All combos helped, but picking off colours worked well. Bombs weren't too much of a pain. Enjoyed this level.

Anonymous said...

contrary to the video, i found what helped me most was to focus on the first two columns in the last section, at the right of the board. the fruit comes down in the first. the bombs come down in the second. my goal was to keep both moving as quickly and efficiently as possible, while still taking advantage of special candies. once i changed to this tactic, i cleared the board on my 2nd try and scored over 199,000 pts. good enough for me. :) prior to this, i had played the board at least 30 times....gotten close....but never finished a board.

John said...

Not a bad level, fun but could be stressful at times. Above advice is good focus on the first 2 columns on the right side. After messing with this level for more days than I want to admit to I finally used a chocolate bomb booster and combined it with a striped candy. Then was lucky enough to get 2 more chocolate bombs that I was able to pair with stripes. This was pure luck, I wish you the same. Happy Crushing.