Christmas Competition!

Merry Christmas Competition!
Win a Candy Crush Level 65 Tshirt!
Plus a unique, personalised Top Crusher Candle!

The winner will have the name of their choice inscribed on the candle.

All you need to do to win is design a new header picture for our All Help Group..

The picture must follow the guidelines below:

1. Needs to have a Christmas theme.
2. Must have Candy Crush Saga All Help visible.
3. Must be obvious that it's a Candy Crush Group.
4. Size of the picture should be between 
    800 - 1022 pixels wide, and  250 - 315 pixels high. 
5. Your OWN original work only will be considered.
    Elements can be copied from elsewhere but the picture must not be a copy of any picture found elsewhere on the internet.
6. Send entries as Jpeg file to by Friday 13th December and the winning entry will be used as the group header for the Christmas period.

To see our existing group header Follow the link to 

Candy Crush Saga All Help Group

1 comment:

Syed Ehsan Hassan said...

Sounds great! I'll do this, but I live in Pakistan, If I win so you can send my reward here in Pakistan ;)