How do I make stripes go the way I want????

Matching 4 candies in a row gives a striped candy of the same colour.
If you make the stripe by moving the 4th candy either up or down you will get a vertical striped candy. See image below.

The vertical stripes show the direction the candy will blast when matched, it will clear a path up and down.

If you get the four candy combination by moving a candy sideways you will get a horizontally striped sweet.
In the image above you can see that if we move the blue candy to the right we will get a Horizontal stripe, which will blast SIDEWAYS when matched.
The direction of the stripes determines which way the stripe will blast.

The striped candy will be left in the position of the candy that you moved.
When you match up the striped candy it will clear a whole line of candies in the direction of the stripes.
eg:  A vertically striped candy will clear all candies up and down from where the 
striped candy is.
If you combine two striped candies of any colour they will clear a horizontal AND vertical line! Ie: Up & down AND side to side!
This will occur from the square that you moved the sweet TO, this is important later in the game.

See the image above. 
If I move the orange striped candy to the purple striped candy the vertical line will be cleared where the PURPLE candy is. And Vice verse. This works the same if the two striped candies are above and below each other. Whichever candy you move TO will be the line which is cleared.
Watch the video below to see how to make stripes.
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How do I get extra moves sent to me and how do u use them?


How do I get extra moves and how do I use them?

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Can I download and play