Tips for level 190 Candy Crush Saga.

This is an order level and you need three stripe/wrap combos..
The combos are already on the board but you'll only be able to use two of them. 
The third you will have to make yourself.
Here's how to do it!.
First match beside the licorice to destroy it and clear a way to the combos below.
Then match beside ONLY ONE of the stripe/wrap combos to make it usable.
Match the combo, which will uncover the other two combos along the bottom.
Then match one of the others, which will destroy the third, nothing you can do about that.
That leaves only one more stripe/wrap combo to make.
Be careful not to unlock more than one combo to start with or you will lose the other two and will have to work harder to make more.

Scroll down for the video.

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