News From King re: Saving lives.

01 March 2014

New changes to the mailbox on mobile devices. Ipad, iphone, android and kindle.

Here is an email from King to a player enquiring about losing lives constantly on mobile devices.

The mailbox for extra lives and moves is working the way it should. Lives
should only be added if you need them at the point when they are sent.

Mobile users are able to store some for offline play, although there was a
glitch allowing them to store them indefinitely. We have now fixed that glitch
to make the game fairer.

Once you connect to Facebook, everything in your mailbox will automatically be
applied to your game. If you already have the maximum number of
lives at that point the extra lives will be lost.

Thank you for your understanding and we hope it won't spoil your gaming

This may be bad news for mobile players but does make the game much fairer from the PC players point of view. 
Although I feel that mobile players do need to be able to store lives so they can play offline.. 
PC players are able to request lives from friends constantly, while mobile players, if playing offline, will soon be prevented from playing through lack of lives. 
Or is this yet another ruse of the greedy King to get you to pay for extra lives??


Anonymous said...

My phone (android) automatically updated candy crush saturday march 1 2014. It took all my extra lives and now having trouble sending and receving lives. Face book will tell me I have one and it doesn't show up. Any answers.

sheetal said...

I set my time to 2016 by mistake
Now next life in candy crush saga is 150000000 almost two years
M on 100th level , need help
Have corrected the time back to march 2014 but no help so far

Admin said...

The best way to get things back to normal is to uninstall and re install the game.. But only if you are connected to FB.
You will lose saved lives and boosters but everything should work properly. If you are not connected to FB I don't know the answer.

Nicole Ganatos said...

i updated today and lost 45 lives i sent king an email and have not heard back.... anybody else ANGRY how do i get my lives back????? please help

Anonymous said...

Candy crush won't let me send my friends lives or spin the booster wheel anymore since 3/1. I asked them for help. They have1 more day and I will uninstall! I absolutely refuse to buy lives or boosters!!!