The update of the dreamworld levels from 140 to 170 brought a brand new booster, the MOONSTRUCK booster.

Not everyone got it straight away and I suspect it was being tested before being rolled out to all players.
Three were given free and once they are used you will have to buy more with gold bars, real money!
Using them is not as simple as you would think. 
To activate the moonstruck booster you juast click on it and it gives you a moonstruck which lasts for FIVE moves! 
Great, you would think!
BUT if you use it before the normal moonstruck it replaces it so you need to think very carefully about when you use it.
I have used it on a very difficult level to see how it worked and found the best way was to use it just after the normal moonstruck so extending it and giving me chance to make loads of colour bombs and complete the level with a fantastic score.
Below is a video of level 147 Dreamworld, completed using the MOONSTRUCK booster.


Anonymous said...

Btw: Has anyone ever got The Jackoot in the Daily Spin? To me the wheel always makes a mysterious extra spin to not hit the Jackpot...

Elena said...

I dont know what going on... Im on level 205 in Dreamworld and I never got Moonstruck booster unlock, but bf on level 25 and he got his unlocked when he completed level 15 (dreamworld) Im so confused, We play on the same computer and we have Ipads, Iphones... I need advice...