Candy Crush Saga Cakes

Are these cakes or Pizza's?

Some people call them cakes, others call them pizza's.
I think that since Candy Crush Saga is a game based on sweets, candies and chocolate they are more likely to be cakes.
OK, so what do they do and how do we deal with them?
Usually it's best to get rid of them from the board as soon as possible as they restrict the playing area. 
They cannot be moved or switched.
To get rid of the cakes you need to match candies touching the full segments and they will disappear one by one.

You can see in the image above that some segments are already missing and if I match the orange candies in the middle one segment will be removed from within each of the red squares because the orange candies are touching BOTH the cakes.
You need to keep matching next to the cake segments until they are all gone. 
Stripes will remove 2 segments normally if there are 2 in line with the stripe.
A stripe/wrap combo will remove FOUR segments usually, if it goes down the center of the cake, although not always.
If the combo hits down one side of the cake it will only take 2 segments.
If you need to remove a last segment and you have no moves next to it hitting it with a lollipop hammer booster will remove a segment.
Once the last segment is gone a giant lollipop hammer comes up and clears the whole board.

If there is more than one cake on the board each cake will clear the board when it is destroyed, taking the top layer of anything on the board.
If there is cream or double layer jelly on the board the hammer will take the top layer only.
So if you have more than one cake on the board try to destroy them one at a time on jelly/cream levels for best effect as they will take a layer each.
Remember that any special candies on the board will also be removed by the hammer, so try to use them before the cake is destroyed.

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