Candy Crush Saga Conveyors

What are Candy Crush Conveyor belts?
From level 531 in Candy Crush you will find conveyor belts as part of the game board.
The row of candies shown by the arrow will move along one space after every move you make.
They can move across the board in either direction or vertically in either direction.
The chevrons on the conveyor indicate the direction they will travel, in the picture the conveyor will move from right to left as that is the way the pink chevrons are pointing.
The candies on the conveyor move in a continuous loop, so as they go off one end they reappear at the start.
You may think this is yet another way the developers are making your life more frustrating, but think again!
There are obviously disadvantages to having candies move around and it can spoil your planned moves.. 
BUT... the conveyors van also be used to your advantage!
If you study the image below you will see that as the conveyor moves along after my next move the blue candy will move into position next to the blue stripe.
I can then move the upper blue candy down to set off the stripe, which will clear any jelly in the bottom which is difficult to get to. But the bonus is it will also pruduce a blue wrap.
As it happens the wrap won't be very useful in this particular game but has cost nothing to make.
Planning ahead in this way can also produce colour bombs and other combos.
If you have a stripe or wrap, or even a colour bomb on the conveyor, you can let it move along into a better position, either next to another special candy or just closer to the jelly squares.
So you can see that they are good more than bad. 


Anonymous said...

Kudos to the inventor of the conveyor. I have found these levels allow for more strategy and less reliance on pure luck.

Safia Said said...

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Anonymous said...

Level 126 now has a conveyor belt.