Candy Crush Saga Level 546

Tips for level 546 Candy Crush Saga 
Make every move get rid of at least one bit of licorice to stop more from falling if you can.. The conveyor will take your candies into the licorice so try to let matching ones go in to make holes in the licorice. Stripe/wrap combos seem to let the licorice fill the board again when I match them so don't know how useful they are.


Bill. said...

I enjoy the conveyor at least on this level, took ten attempts.

Anonymous said...

Study the movement:-
1. two colour bomb will not work at this level if mix it at the left hand side board, licorice will fill in all the cell again at right hand side board;
2. the licorice won't fall if u make every move get rid of at least one bit of licorice either in left or right hand side board;
strip and wrap will be effective if mix inside right hand side board thus do a lot of damage;
3. make full use of the conveyor to bring any combo candy from the Left board to the Right board;
4. try by doing step no. 2 until right hand side board with most of it fill with candy instead of licorice; then mix the combo candy, lot of damage can be done!
Good luck!
player from Malaysia

Anonymous said...

Wrapped candies are not really effective on this level, as they cause more licorice to come down. As mentioned above, move other specials to the right side, once you have some of the licorice out of the way. I passed this after about 10 tries. Happy crushing!

Anonymous said...

This level was harder than I thought it would be. Penetrating the licorice half of the board was difficult, and combos were almost useless. Setting off a wrapped-striped combo in the right side just filled the board with licorice, leaving me at square one. Setting of vertically-blasting stripes just filled that column with licorice. I did get close a couple of times, but when I finally did get this level, it was a little unexpected. I thought that that situation was hopeless and I was playing out the string, even thinking of hitting the surrender button, but then I got a bit of a cascade, leaving adjacent wraps on the bottom row on the right side. Oh what the hell, set them off and see what happened. What happened was "sugar crush," as detonating that combo cleared the licorice and all the remaining jelly. I was not expecting that.

Anonymous said...

I'm with 23 May comment.
It's an annoying level as combos even on the right hand side just seem to fill it with licorice again. A stripe on its own down towards the bottom right might be okay but nothing much is working for me-drowning in licorice.

Anonymous said...

c/candycrush here

I didn't like this level, the licorice is tiresome.

Most interesting hint I read above was that if you kill a piece of licorice with a move, only candies will fall immediately after that.

That works-sort of. If you move a licorice piece or match candies alongside it, then yes, candies will fall.

But beware- if you make a combo and explode some licorice from afar, more licorice will still fall, or as far as I can make out it did in my case.

I got through by resisting the temptation to set off what would usually be useful combos in other levels, till towards the end, when predictably, it set a whole lot of new licorice down, but luckily I had another wrap to deal with what was left over.

I did tend to try to make small moves next to licorice if I could, so I would get a candy board.
Next level is more fun-more strategy IMO. Maybe harder, but you can see what you're doing.

Michelle Schultz said...
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Michelle Schultz said...

If you are interested in how often the licorice spawns, it's two moves without removing a piece of licorice (not consecutive moves either, it keeps count). Two moves without crushing licorice and POW here the licorice comes. I cleared this board by using two wrapped candies combined. Then after that had licorice to work with again (my next move didn't have crush licorice their wasn't any). working from the bottom you will hit licorice until it's gone. Hope this helps and makes sense. I spent way to long clearning this board.