Candy Crush Saga Level 552

Tips for level 552 Candy Crush Saga
You have 30 moves to make and explode 3 colour bombs.
One colour bomb is already on the board so only 2 more to make..
Should be easy except you have only a third of the board to play with at the start.
One third is full of licorice and another third is covered in cream. The section you have to play in at the start is completely covered in 13 count bombs!
Obviously the bombs have to be destroyed before they get to zero, but as they're the only candies you can move at the start it shouldn't be too difficult.
You also have a conveyor running through the center of the board.
The conveyor actually helps a bit as it takes candies into the licorice so you can destroy it more easily.
The priority is to destroy the bombs, but don't lose sight of the main objective, which is to make colour bombs.
Video below.


Anonymous said...

target : 3 colour bombs
1. first have to eliminate the all bombs count down from 13; carefully look around if possible combo candy can be done during these moves;
2. while clearing the bombs, more room can be exploit; right hand side of the board is not important for you to exploit since we are doing colour bomb only which can be done on the left side;
3. 5 colour candy for this level, if possible, just explode the colour bomb to eliminate 1 out of 5 colour candy for you to have better chance to create 2nd & 3rd colour bomb.
Good luck!
player from Malaysia.

Bill. said...

Completed first attempt clear the bombs then look out for right combinations.

Anonymous said...

another fun level, took me a few tries but it was fun, the bombs if you get the right combos are easy to get rid of in time! after that it is your basic moves!

Anonymous said...

c/candycrush here

Easy level on the whole.

Just watch the bombs and eliminate as many as possible as fast as possible, while looking out for chances to make special candy.
I didn't bother much with the top, just the bottom, to try to free one of the colour balls.

In my version, I only had to get 3, not 5 as someone else said they had to, so maybe they have made the game a bit more do-able.

The system generates a lot of its own special candy, which is nice.

LEI said...

Level 552

Requirement: 3 color bombs

You have a frozen color bomb located in the middle of the middle of the board. You also have bombs falling down. Your first priority is to remove the first few bombs at the start of the level because if it gets stuck down there you are finished.

Then when the first bombs are taken care of, you have to make a color bomb from the bombs and candies on the conveyor belt. What i did was unfroze the color bomb and used it.

Then made more color bombs when some of the candies are eliminated it is easier to make color bombs. Good luck! Be mindful of the bombs though.