Candy Crush Saga Level 553

Tips for level 553 Candy Crush Saga
This is a fairly straightforward jelly level, it has locked cells and some mystery candies at the bottom. The conveyors go around in a circle so what goes off bottom left reappears top left to continue the circle.
Use the conveyors to help you make specials and combos, with a bit of forward planning it should be possible to complete in one or 2 goes.
Video below


Bill. said...

Quite enjoyable need to concentrate and work out what the conveyors will do.

Anonymous said...

i agree another fun level!

Anonymous said...

This was an annoying level! On the first three tries, I was down to one jelly left with several moves left, but no matter what I tried or how I planned, I could not clear that last jelly. Then on the fourth try, again got down to one jelly left with moves remaining--and this time, there was an immediate move that cleared the jelly and won the level. It was pretty easy, except for the finishing touch.

Anonymous said...

c/candycrush here.
I got through in one try (which is almost unheard of for me, even on easy levels)

There is a trick I discovered early, maybe it will help. Aim to make some horizontal candy. The chance seems to come up fairly easily.
Let it drop to a row of the licorice boxed candy and then detonate it. It will free the whole row and you'll be fast tracking with the clearing.

The system generates a few of its own colour balls, which helps.

LEI said...

Level 553

This is a clear the jelly level, you have 2 conveyor belts and 5 mystery candies in the lower part of the board.

It is quite difficult to clear the jellies located on the sides and the lower board near the mystery candies. Color bomb + stripe combos are helpful here because it clears lots of jellies. Then a wrapped candy or two can clear the lower board. Or a wrapped + striped combo also can clear jellies and unlock them.

There are jellies under the locked candies and under the mystery candies. Combos are the way to go here. Good luck! Happy crushing!