Candy Crush Saga Level 554

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 554 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
This is a deceptive level, it has arrows at the bottom where you would expect the ingredients to exit but they actually exit from the arrows at the top, under the row of licorice.
The ingredients move along the conveyor at the very top of the board.
The only way to get them out is to use vertical stripes or stripe/wrap combos to destroy the licorice and let them out.
You have to time the release of your stripes or combos to when the ingredients are in the columns above. It's a waste to hit the licorice with a stripe if there is no ingredient in that column. 
Sometimes you can be lucky and are able to match the candies on the conveyor which gets rid of the licorice for a while.
Video below.

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Bill. said...

Quite enjoyable took ten attempts.

Anonymous said...

not bad at all, if you don't see any fruit on top hit it with the vertical stripe and usually one or two will fall!
quite fun!

Martina said...

I got lucky enough to have candies match underneath the conveyor belt and got 2 ingredients down that way.

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding , what am I doing wrong, I get hardly any conmbo or stripes to get anything down,!!!

Anonymous said...

I started with a donut wheel from the free daily spin, and it helped a lot, but line up your verticals and fruit in the same line. I also used the conveyor belt to make a match of 3 on the belt itself, to bring the fruit down. It falls from the top, not the bottom. Try the donut wheel. It helped me.

Anonymous said...

Cherylcandycrush here.

This is an easy level, or perhaps the makers have tweaked it since some of the last posters.

It took me a couple of tries but I found by accident really that you do NOT have to wait for an ingredient to be above the row in order to detonate a vertical stripe above it.

Here's what I did.
*Anything at all to make a vertical stripe on the bottom.
* Once I had a vertical stripe candy, I aimed to detonate it asap, no matter what is above it, doesn't matter.
* When you detonate it, for some reason, that seems to free ingredients and they will fall straight off the board into your ticked ingredients account. Excellent.
* Now you might be left with one or two ingredients that don't fly out but land on the conveyor belt. Those you WILL have to detonate with either a vertical stripe directly below or a stripe/wrap combo.

But the key to this level is get verticals and detonate asap no matter what is above.

MichelleDV said...

CC is right. Detonating a vertical stripe where there is no fruit actually results in a fruit dropping down and then going down the exit (even if other fruit are there)- easy pickings!

Also, if you can match candies in the upper level, then do so as it may help a fruit exit.

LEI said...

Level 554

Requirements: clear 10 ingredients

This is a very deceiving level because the board has 2 rows of arrows here. The ingredients will indeed be cleared from the exit arrows at the top of the board, on top of the row of licorice.

The next ingredient will not appear unless you have cleared one. And the next ingredient will appear on the row where your last ingredient was cleared.

You must make lots of vertical stripes here to clear an ingredient. Or wrapped + striped combos are very helpful to clear 2 ingredients together! Striped + color bomb are not much help here unless you have a stripe on the column where you also have an ingredient.

Use some timing when you blast your stripes make sure you have an ingredient on the column. Because if there isn't your stripe is wasted.

Good luck crushing candies!