Candy Crush Saga Level 568

Tips for level 568 Candy Crush Saga 


Anonymous said...

This one was a lot easier than the previous 2 levels. You can control where the fruit drops, so make sure it's over an exit column when you remove the candies below it, otherwise you'll have to figure out how to move it side-to-side. Combos are plentiful. Use wraps to clear the cream away as quickly as possible. Then after the board is opened up, vertical stripes will be easier to make in the right columns.


Anonymous said...

as long as you watch where the fruit drop you will be fine! make sure when they leave the conveyor belt they are above an opening! got it on the third try when i paid attention!! easy to make the combo's needed!

Leigh Ann Harvey said...
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Anonymous said...

Sure, really easy. Except the game outright cheats to make the second fruit drop where you have to swap it, and you will never have the opportunity to do so.

This "game" is a fraud, programmed to stop you winning unless you struggle for days or buy boosters.

Anonymous said...

got it on the third try. make sure you drop the fruit off the conveyor when it is over an exit arrow.

Bill. said...

Completed first attempt. Nice change to have a straightforward level.

Anonymous said...

Easy level .. refreshing...2nd try!!! If u got this far its a no brainer. Not sure bout some of the comments above as its too easy!!

Anonymous said...

c/candycrush here.

Easy level. I got it first try and that was with me thinking there was only one ingredient to bring down and realising, with only 6 moves left, that I had one more to go.

The only thing to watch for is where the ingredient is. I had to switch both of mine into an exit column, but if you are alert to the fact not all columns have the arrow at the bottom, you should get a chance, with luck.

The rest is done with combos but the system sends you some.

Thank got for no bombs or chocolate, for a change.

MichelleDV said...

Easy peasy level. A JOY after the last few.

LEI said...

Level 568

Clear 2 ingredients

This is one of the more simple levels kn this episode. You have a conveyor brlt located in the upper part of the board, be careful because not all columns are exit columns. Some are others are not.

Make sure to place your ingredients or let it ride the conveyor belt and fall down in the exit columns. It is rather easy to get special candies and color bombs in this level.
Ingredients also skirt pass thru the blocks and licorice so make sure you got the openings ready for the ingredients.

Good luck! Lets keep on crushing candies!

Anonymous said...

So why do I only get 1 fruit.....where is the 2nd one?????