Candy Crush Saga Level 569

Tips for level 569 Candy Crush Saga 


Joni said...

Very tricky. I used color bombs and stripes to get those ingredients down. Also horizontal stripes on bottom row when ingredient is farthest down it can go works.

Anonymous said...

Make a horizontal stripe anywhere as quickly as possible to at least drop the fruits onto the conveyor belt. Then clear away the cream to open up the board. Any chance you have to set up a horizontal stripe on the bottom row, do it, and then detonate it when the fruit is one square above that. You can also use a color bomb to pick off the bottom square when the fruit is one square above it.

Color bomb/stripe combos are especially helpful because they will likely make a vertical stripe in one of the conveyor columns. On the attempt where I passed, I did this twice and presto, level complete!


Anonymous said...

Focus on combo's, wrapped stripes and colour bomb stripes work best.

It is correct -but not easy - to get a horizontal stripe in the bottom row, but these work tereffic!

Be sure to get the fruit down in a row where it can exit the board.

Not as difficult as the 2 previous levels and I would say this level is 'managable'

Good luck from the Netherlands!

Anonymous said...

this was an easy one, completed first try, the combo's were easy to make! get the fruit down first then just keep making the combo's! a fun level!

Anonymous said...

Finally a level that wasn't impossible. Wrapped and striped candies at the bottom worked great.

Unknown said...

But I keep getting chocolate blocking the candy from dropping which leaves me stuck since creating any stripped/wrapped COBOL that high up wont work.

Ultramum said...

I keep getting the fruit columns blocked with chocolate at the top too :-(

Anonymous said...

Very easy. Mix a color bomb and stripe together, works best. I did this twice and passed with 10 moves left. Good luck to all.

Roberta said...

I still don't understand what makes the fruit drop, but concentrate on quickly opening up the board so you can make combos. They will unblock the chocolate at the top and send the fruit down. Two or three combos will do it. The stripped wrapped are better down at the bottom.

Bill. said...

Chocolate bomb then striped candy not that difficult.

Anonymous said...

As per the hints .. I came to post without coming here first..easy one. Break walls to drop fruit b4 choc starts .. 3 choc/stripes done with moves to spare

Anonymous said...

c/candycrush here.

Not as bad as it looks. Half way through the game I was so discouraged, it looked impossible.

Be aware chocolate will appear top and bottom of the conveyor belt to block ingredients coming down or getting out.

The only answer is special candy, I am afraid.
And don't think just a stripe or stripe/wrap will do it because it is hard to get them together close to the top.

The real solution is to get colour balls and thank goodness they pop up easier than you think. Combine with a stripe and it will clear the belts and let some ingredients fall straight from top to bottom.

You'll need 2 or 3 special combos.

MichelleDV said...

2 x sprinkles with stripes did it for me. A real pleasure for this episode

LEI said...

Level 569

Score at least 70,000 points and clear 4 ingredients

The 2 leftmost and rightmost columns are the only exit columns here. All ingredients would also come down those columns. You also have 2 conveyor belts on those columns. The middle part of the board has chocolate factories and blocks in it.

Remove the blocks in the middle so you have space to make more combos. Wrapped + striped combos are helpful here. Then make a simple move or combo so your 2 first ingredients would come down.

The ingredients would ride the conveyor belt when it reaches the bottom then make a horizontal stripe candy ready so when the ingredient is below it falls and cleared at the exit columns. Wrapped + striped combos have massive candy clearing destruction so it is very helpful.

Good luck! Happy candy crushing!

Anonymous said...

I want to THANK this site & it's CC peeps, I have been able to pass so many levels with the help! I passed this 1st time after reading all tips & videos