Candy Crush Saga Level 570

Tips for level 570 Candy Crush Saga
Level 170 is not as complicated as it looks.
remember you just have to collect 4 hazelnuts so try not to worry too much about the conveyor belts, licorice and 5 layer cream.
The conveyor belt has loads of mystery candies to use which can give you really helpful special candies. If you get too many baddies like chocolate and bombs you may find the best option is to quit and start again.
Use stripes as much as possible to move the candies and ingredients around and get things moving, try to get stripes in line with the nuts to get them off the board quickly.
Once the board is opened up any combo will move the nuts if positioned correctly.


Anonymous said...

Got this on my second try. It's a little weird, but the good thing is there are many ways to drop the fruits. My first one made it all the way around on the conveyor while I did stupid little moves. Once the fruit on the conveyor reaches the bottom right corner it will drop out.

Once you've dropped a fruit, you need to make a match that will remove a candy in the leftmost column so another will drop out. If you've cleared some space on the left by then, drop the fruit down from the conveyor. (Use wraps to blast through the cream.) I dropped the last two fruits off the conveyor into the second column from the left, and then used a vertical stripe and a stripe/wrap combo to bring them down quickly.


Anonymous said...

I found this to be a very difficult one. You need to make a combination in the left row to get the fruit down and 'in the game. If it doesn't, it will go all the way to the right on the conveyor and you will not have enough moves to get 4 fruits down.

My focus was on the ?candies. Some of them have a 'wheel', and that will absolutely helped the most. Wrapped candies are also great.
Whenever you have a colour bomb, use it for the ?candies!!!

I focussed on the left rows, and tried to make as much combinations as possible to get that part 'open'.

I think I spend 40-50 lievs on this level:-(

As I said in my comments at previous levels, this episode is really hard.

Good luck from the Netherlands!

Anonymous said...

I got very lucky with this level on an early stage. Cleared the whole board. But then the nuts just woulnd't come down. (played on PC)

Anonymous said...

another fun level, got it on my second try! just look for the combos and make sure you clear the left corner so more fruit can drop! sometimes the ? give you bombs but mostly you can clear them in time!

Anonymous said...

Thank you all for the helpful hints. I concentrated on the 2 columns on the left and completed it on my first try with 9 moves left. I am sure it was just a lucky board. Glad to be moving on.

Bill. said...

Quite enjoyable need luck with the mystery candy. Took about ten attempts.

Anonymous said...

I somehow got two coconut wheels together and when you put them together, I got a whole lot of striped candies going, which got my hazelnuts down. It was pretty awesome - and I got this first try (although only one star.)

LEI said...

Level 570


You have conveyor belt going around the board. The ingredients would come down the leftmost column. All columns are exit columns and the ingredients would just skirt off between the blocks. No need to clear off all blocks too.

If it is difficult to clear the ingredient while it is in the conveyor belt, you can make moves to let it come down the board and let it skirt down between blocks.

There are lots of special candies use them wisely. Have a great time playing! I actually loved this level!