Candy Crush Saga level 598

How to pass level 598 Candy Crush Saga
The worst thing that can happen on level 598 is the fruit slipping down off the conveyor into the end column where there is no exit!
I have done this level several times and sometimes a cascade will set off and drop one of the nuts or cherries off the end of the conveyor and into the no mans land at the side.
You can possibly still salvage the game if that happens, but it makes your life a lot more difficult!
So try to drop the fruit off the conveyor in the middle of the board and avoid setting off cascades when they are on the ends of the conveyor..
Other than that a pretty simple level. Use the coconut wheels to clear some of the cream.
Video below


Anonymous said...

As careful as I was not to let any ingredients slip into the side slots, I had two there on my final attempt. I used two swap hands to get them into the main part of the board and then worked them down and out. It's almost impossible to keep them out of those dead ends!

Anonymous said...

Got tons of coconut wheels that I could never use on levels. Used one and got the level on the second try. Janine Marie

Bill. said...

Second attempt. Just be careful not to drop the fruit down the outside columns.